Toxic Habits you need to Quit!

Putting yourself down because you have become prey to bad habits is not a good thing to do. Everyone in their life falls prey to these habits. However, the person who can accept this mistake and break bad habits emerges as the winner in real life.

We all want to improve and change our lives. But the problem is that we think the only requirement is to build new habits. While that is true, what we forget is that before building new habits, we must first get rid of the toxic habits that are ruining our life. We can never cultivate good habits while simultaneously engaging in toxic ones.

Here are a few bad and toxic habits that you need to quit ASAP:

  1. Comparing Yourself to Others

The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Please don’t compare yourself to others because they may be on chapter 30 while you are on chapter 3. When we compare, we feel inferior and less secure.

There’s only one you in the world. Your experiences, skills, and perspective are different than others. You can’t compare your success to other people’s success because everyone’s definition of success is different.

  • Focusing on the Negatives

People who have the habit of concentrating only on the negative end up facing only negative circumstances in their life. This is a never-ending circle of bad habits. The more you try to end this bad habit, the more you get drenched in it.

The best thing that you can ever do to break this bad habit is by counting your blessings instead of the negative things happening in your life. This way, you can look at the positive, and eventually, this bad habit of focusing on the negatives will go away.

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping for 6-8 hours is your body’s time to recuperate and heal. You may not notice anything on the outside but your body does a lot of processing and healing inside when you are resting.

With inadequate sleep, chances are high that you will weaken your immunity and other bodily processes. Your body’s ability to produce germ fighters will decrease, hence, making it more prone to infections and diseases. So, sleeping for the correct amount of time that your body needs is essential for maintaining good health.

  • Being Late

Certain people tend to be late on every occasion. This tendency can have dreadful effects on your life. People take your word for granted and always expect you to never be on time. This may make them feel that you are not a dependable person.

Also, being late can be detrimental for you as you have created this bad habit of never being on time which can make your life difficult when you wish to arrive at a certain place on time.

  • Procrastinating

We are always waiting for the right time and as we wait, our lives go by and we never start. Quit this toxic habit of procrastination. Quit waiting for the right time and start with whatever you have with you.

Nobody has all the right type of equipment, all the strength, all the knowledge, and all the energy before starting, but if you start and as you keep going you will slowly have it, slowly you will learn and you will be so glad you started.

  • Seeking External Validation

Social media has been set up in such a way that makes you miss or crave what others have. But you should know that someone’s highlight reel on social media is not a reflection of their entire life. It is only a glimpse into a small part of their lives or a happy fleeting moment that they want to portray.

Constantly seeking validation is bad. It will only leave you with self-pity and a doubting mindset if what you put out there is not met with the expectations you have from it. This is a bad habit that you have to definitely give up soon before it messes with and destroys your mental peace.

  • Being Too Hard on Yourself

It can be easy to be hard on ourselves. We like to focus on our weaknesses over our strengths. We want to identify and obsess with our flaws and mistakes. Don’t think about your shortcomings but see the positive in every experience. Don’t take things in your life for granted. Celebrate your wins and find ways to laugh.

Give yourself a little love, and don’t think about your flaws. Let go of your perfection and accept yourself for who you are. It’s okay to mess up occasionally, so it’s time to give yourself a break and be nicer to yourself.

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