Why you should stop comparing Yourself to what you see on Social Media

Comparing yourself to others is something we’re all guilty off. Unfortunately, though comparison starts at early age, it doesn’t affect us that much at such a young age – it’s more of an observation. On the other hand, as we get older comparison starts to intensify, it starts to bother us, it plays with our emotions and our thoughts. And no matter our age and accomplishments, we keep on comparing ourselves to others.

The rise of social media platforms gives our brain more and more material to compare each day and makes it that much harder to fight such a nasty habit. So, if you’re feeling like you’re “not good enough”, like you can’t celebrate your successes or you feel the need to prove yourself to others, keep reading to find out why you should stop comparing yourself to others.

What you see on social media isn’t reality.

It becomes very tempting to view pages of friends and celebrities and quickly think how perfect their lives are and how far from perfect your life is. But there are definite degrees of unreality you need to remember.

From filters and retouching apps to lighting and staging to the fact that you are seeing a snapshot of a moment in time and not a “video” of someone’s real-life, remind yourself not to compare yourself, your family, and your quality of life to what you see on social media.

No one is posting their failures.

Remember: People post what they want you to see. They tend to post the good, not the bad. Everyone is struggling, and no one would want you to see that. Nobody will post a picture of themselves crying when they had a bad day, or a workout video in which is clear they struggled.

What is posted on the internet is usually flashy with a wow factor to keep you in a trance. But the struggle behind the camera, or the off-camera life is rarely shown. You end up comparing someone’s “highlight reel” to your own “behind the scenes footage”, and that’s just not a fair comparison.

Numbers don’t determine your value.

Never compare likes, followers, shares, or retweets. Social media platforms exist to make money. They want you to come back for more. With bots, fake accounts, people buying followers, and algorithms set against you, why would you compare your followers, likes, shares, and retweets with those of anybody else? Please don’t allow those numbers to make you feel bad about yourself or your life.

If you or your family had a great experience, took a pic, posted it, and it didn’t get “the response” you hoped for, you still had a great experience. That’s what’s important.

You’re putting your emotional and mental health at risk.

Comparing wakes up lousy feelings such as jealousy, envy, depression and low self-esteem. Imagine all the energy you have to put into yourself, your life, your dreams you’re putting it into other people’s lives.

When you constantly compare yourself to others, you’re wasting all your precious energy. Think about yourself and your health. What good does it do when you’re feeling emotionally drained and mentally exhausted? When you begin to lose your passion for things you love because you think “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never succeed/have what others have”. Stop comparing yourself, because you have nothing to gain but oh so much to lose.

You’re making it harder for you to love yourself.

In this day and age, it can be extremely difficult to love yourself for everything that you are. On the other hand, as difficult as it may be, it is by far more important now than ever. The more self-love, self-respect and self-support we generate from within, the more our feelings about ourselves become like a bulletproof vest. When you love yourself nothing can get to you, you feel at peace with yourself, you’re confident and you feel nothing but happiness for others.

But if you’re constantly comparing your reality to a “made up” reality on social media, you’ll continue to struggle with yourself and falter at each step.

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