5 benefits of having siblings

Life with a sibling can be pretty darn great. Seriously.

As much as they may have annoyed you when you were younger, there are so many benefits to having a sibling. Whether you’re making fun of your parents, or just need someone to vent to, you can pretty much always count on your siblings to be there when you need a helping hand.

We rounded up five ways your siblings can make you a happier, healthier and all-around better human being. Take a look at them below, then make sure to thank your siblings today (and remind them that they better thank you, too).

  1. Good mental and physical health.

A sibling can improve your mental health and can even improve aspects of physical health, too (apparently people with siblings are less likely to be obese!). People who have siblings tend to grow up being able to tackle difficult life situations easier than those without siblings.

A close bond with a sibling during middle and old age is correlated with positive mood and overall health. A supportive relationship with a sibling also eased loneliness later in life.

  • Permanent friend.

Whether you’re commiserating about your parents or in an argument with another family member, you can always count on your sibling to have your back. Even if you’re the polar opposite of your siblings, you will always have a friend when you have siblings in your life. Siblings, especially those who grew up in the same house as you can relate to your experiences, thoughts, and feelings throughout your lifetime.

You may not agree with each other on everything (or anything), but when you’ve started at the same home base, you have an understanding that no one else can possibly have. Moreover, having a sibling or two by your side is sure to make those family gatherings much easier.

  • Increased learning.

Children strengthen their communication skills by watching and listening to their siblings. They quickly understand what will and what won’t work with their friends and society. Siblings can learn a lot from each other during study time or playtime or watching TV etc.

The older siblings are like role models to younger siblings. The more the younger siblings observe their older siblings, the faster they will strengthen their own skills.

  • Increased motivation.

Living with siblings from a young age tends to motivate one towards achieving goals. Whether you strove to be more successful than your sibling or wanted to be on the same team, having a sibling instilled a naturally competitive element into your life.

When you get out into the world, the idea of competing with others for attention, success, or sport is something that is not new. This naturally learned behavior makes having siblings pretty beneficial to your adult success.

  • Better life.

Sibling affection is a really positive thing. One feels secured, motivated and enthusiastic with a sibling. You have no fear about anything as long as you know your sibling is there. Siblings are better at helping avoid depression and delinquency problems. You can share everything with your siblings.

Having a sibling by your side is the greatest feeling that one can have. Siblings do fight, argue but in the end their love bonds them together for a lifetime. That security and happiness and bonding, no one can ever give.

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