This is the Relationship for You

It’s not easy being in a relationship. We go through our lives seeking the perfect one out, only to be mistreated and become broken hearted. Sometimes it can seem that we never get the love we put out, and it is super frustrating. But the great thing about relationships is when you find one that is actually really good, you know it is really good.

Though it’s really impossible to say for certain what the one, true, correct way for everyone to be treated in relationships is, there are a few guidelines of common decency you can follow if and when you ever find yourself questioning whether or not your relationship situation is normal, healthy, or even tolerable.

So read along to know a few telltale signs that this is the relationship you truly should be in:

  1. You feel heard.

They take what you have to say to heart. They adjust their behavior if you communicate something isn’t OK with you. They don’t brush off your anxieties or concerns. They seriously evaluate them and try to see whether or not they can reassure you or make the relationship better by a compromising in one way or another.

  • You can openly talk about issues.

All relationships have challenges and fights, but it is essential to talk about things that bother you or make you uncomfortable. You aren’t afraid of talking about them out of fear that you will upset your partner.

  • You’re never left wondering.

When you’re finally with someone who treats you the way you deserve, that person never leaves you guessing about what something they said means, or where you stand, or what’s coming next in the relationship. They’re certain about their intentions, and when they’re not, they’re honest with you about that too.

  • You can be vulnerable with them.

Being vulnerable is scary, especially within a relationship. It’s like turning yourself inside out and revealing the things you don’t want just anybody to see. But when you are in a good relationship this comes easily, it brings you even closer together. You know everything about each other; the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it only seems to make the love you have, grow even more.

  • There are heathy boundaries.

It is essential to know, acknowledge, and respect each other’s boundaries from the beginning. You should be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty and make an effort to get out of your comfort zone instead of being stubborn. Respecting each other’s boundaries is one of the best ways to tell if they are a keeper.

  • They never ghost you.

When you are being treated well in your relationship there is never any worry of being ghosted because you know that no matter what you can work things out and also talk them out. They are clear with their thoughts and feeling and you are too. You can both be secure in knowing you will completely be there for each other 100 percent of the time.

  • You feel loved every single day.

Even if you don’t have time to be together, and won’t see them for the next few days, you don’t have to be mentally consumed by them to carry the small, inner knowing that you are loved, and that there’s somebody waiting to hear about whatever kind of day you had. And that’s the mark of a truly good relationship: one that makes you want to be your best, but go home and tell them all about your trials and triumphs and struggles and successes regardless, because you know you’re unconditionally supported, and loved.

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