Ways to be a better Friend to your Partner

Being in a relationship is great. But of course, we all know as time goes by love seems to fade out and the spark dies down. Having a strong bond and friendship allows the love to stay alive. It also helps you withstand trials in your relationship.

A great friendship helps you understand one another more and also enjoy each other’s company better. Nothing can be better than having a partner who is also your best friend. After all, the basis of a happy and everlasting relationship is a strong bond of friendship between the two.

Here are a few ways you can be a better friend (or even the best friend) to your partner:

Communicate effectively.

You have to really want to get to know your partner, not just in the initial stages of your relationship but as you grow together too. You have to be interested in what he or she does and how he or she feels. You have to have the time to listen to his or her day.

Validation and concern are a big deal in order to put friendship into your relationship.

Spend quality time together.

This is the best way to get close to your partner. Shared experiences bring you and your partner closer, more so than buying each other gifts.

Do things that you both enjoy doing. If travelling is something that you both enjoy, take a few days off from work and set out on vacation or go on a long drive once every week. Go on adventures, try new things, and do actual activities on a regular basis. At times, you may even do things that make your partner happy and vice versa.

Be on your partner’s team.

When obstacles and outside stressors come against your partner, they need to know you’ve got their back. After all, you’re on the same team. That means you can show genuine interest in being on your partner’s side and try your best to never do or say anything that could leave them feeling insignificant or alone.

As with any friendship, your bond must be nurtured and prioritized. Creating meaningful experiences, showing genuine interest in one another, and being on the same team are all simple, daily actions that you can make right now to strengthen your relationship.

Give them their space.

Being with each other or doing things together is important, but that does not mean you suffocate each other. At times, when you both feel like doing two different things, do it. Remember, you don’t need to curb your desires and likings to be your partner’s best friend.

A little space is always considered to be healthy in a relationship. Finding the right balance between doing things you want to do and doing things together is the key to a healthy relationship. Moreover, a little “me-time” will not just rejuvenate both the partners, but will also make you crave for each other’s presence.

Open up more often.

Friends share things. Especially feelings. If you want to relate to each other on a deeper level, you’ll need to open up and let your partner experience your hopes, fears, dreams, and vulnerabilities.

Whilst you open up to your partner, remember that part of sharing is also listening. Be there for your partner in the same way you’d expect them to be there for you.

Be respectful towards each other.

Be careful of what you say to your spouse. Disrespect towards each other could ruin not just the friendship, but also the relationship. Behave with your better half the way you would like your better half to behave with you. Remember never to bring your partner down, not to say anything disrespectful about their respective families or friends, or talk about mistakes that were made by your partner earlier.

Learn to listen and speak with kindness. It does not matter if you’ve been together for two decades, time does not give you the license to disrespect your partner, and vice versa.

Treat each other as equals.

In any relationship, both partners are but equals in every respect. Do not decide things for your partner; let your partner decide what is best for them. Do not stop your partner from speaking out; instead listen carefully and then acknowledge and respect whatever your partner has told you.

This will make your partner feel at par with you, and there will be mutual respect and love between you two.

Laugh at simple things.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Laugh things off. Stop being irritated all the time with your partner.

I know that those quirks that you found cute before can be annoying now, but remember, you aren’t perfect either. Learn to enjoy even small things like morning coffee and eating together, or playing random games when you feel like it.

Have fun.

Many couples lose their friendship and eventually respect and love for one another because they forget a key factor in the relationship. They forget to actually have fun. You need to learn to laugh together. You need to do fun things together.

Having fun and being playful is something all friendships have in common. Having fun can be as simple as laughing each other’s jokes or leaving each other silly notes.

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