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I miss those old days!

It’s been two years since you moved to another galaxy.
Even galaxy feels small when it describes the distance between us. We have so much to remember and frame in photographs.
We have so many movies to watch again.
I miss how ‘Fault in our stars’ and ‘A walk to remember’ made us cry.
And how we used to binge those Netflix series on repeat.
I miss how I used to give you spoilers, and you’d get angry on me and probably would not talk to me for two days (which ended in 2 hours).
I miss how we used to go for coffee dates.

Besides me, my bench misses you.
This bench which was shared by no one but you.
It is all empty since the day you’re gone.
Those carvings on the last page of my notebook.
Those love-meter calculations.
Those scrapbooks, those mid-lecture songs.

My laptop misses you, like listening to ‘I’ll be there for you’ for 10-15 times a week and not having you by my side.
The ‘Mondler’ emotional drama, how we cried whole season and bite our nails when they were not able to have a baby.
I seriously miss you when Joey sacrifices Rachel for Ross.
We always had this urge to see more of Joey and Rachel, but anyways we saw ‘We were on a break’ and we still need to work on Rachel was innocent although I know you won’t agree, as you have this soft corner for Ross.

I am not sure if I’ve grown up.
But I know this, that you need to focus on career, and somehow I need to do the same. But I really wish, when you will come back, we’ll have the same time together, the same us.
Sleepovers, coffee dates, movies, FRIENDS, How I met your mother, spoilers (GOT), YJHD, Tamasha and everything is waiting for you.

This story is Scrawled by Raj Shah (Curator)
Find out some more amazing stories on his Instagram page.

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