Major Life Lessons Learned from Money Heist

The hit Netflix show is about a group of robbers with different backgrounds recruited by The Professor, a brilliant and unassuming man, to help him carry out heists.

Each heist crew is also given a nickname, specifically famous cities in the world: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, and Helsinki. More members join the team as the show progresses, with bigger heists and bigger stakes. But more than the elaborate plot to rob banks, outsmart the police, and lay out escape routes, Money Heist also has a lot to teach us about money and life in general.

Here are just some of the Money Heist lessons we’ve learned from watching all the heart-pumping and nail-biting episodes.

Major Life Lessons Learned from Money Heist
  • Don’t Be Impulsive

We have seen Professor losing his mind, panicking or even getting angry very rarely in this show. A lot of us are naturally impulsive by nature. Even in any kind of tricky situation, keeping yourself calm gives you better solutions. Reacting without thinking about consequences just makes your problem worse.

  • Capitalize on Your Strengths

Whatever your superpower is, focus on your strengths and expect great results. This is what The Professor did when he organized the first heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. He didn’t have the brawn. But he certainly had the brains to come up with elaborate and well-thought-out plans. And he used this to his advantage.  

  • All Rules are not meant to be Broken

Having fun and living in that moment is alright up to a certain point. In this series, we have seen that the professor had made some rules for everyone to follow. Whenever one person took a step back and didn’t follow the rules, everyone ended up in trouble. Don’t break rules at the cost of someone else’s life.

  • Have a Plan (and Back-Up Plans)

If there’s anything you should know about the show Money Heist, it’s that things always go wrong. With issues stacked up against The Professor, he’d certainly need a lot of planning to do if he wants to pull off a heist without getting anybody killed and escaping with their loot―and their lives. So, it pays to always be one step ahead because you’ll never know what can happen in the future. You should also have a plan B and even a plan C, a plan D, and so on.

  • Never Mix Business with Emotions

Keeping one’s emotions in check is really important. The line between treating your team as a family and failing to take critical actions not influenced by emotions is very thin. The Professor was very close to each of his team members, but he was very clear of his decisions not getting impacted by the emotional attachment they developed during their journey.

  • Don’t Be Distracted and Just Stick to the Plan 

No matter how meticulous, cautious, driven, and goal-oriented The Professor is, there are also plenty of moments when he lets the whole team down and puts all their efforts to waste. That’s okay. He’s only human! In life, there will always be events and situations that will make us lose focus. Sometimes, we’ll be doubting ourselves, losing morale, and finding no support. Don’t allow yourself to drift away from your goal. Stand up, dust yourself off, reset, and try again!

  • There Will Always be Challenges—Just Keep Going

What makes Money Heist so successful and watchable is the fact that you can throw The Professor obstacle after obstacle, and he’ll always find a way to overcome it. The answer may not come to him right away. But he always figures things out. Let’s all be inspired by The Professor’s determination and just keep going.  

  • Fight Till Your Last Breath

Many of us fear losing. We don’t even attempt to try. But Life is about fighting till your last breath. Even if you have hit rock bottom, you always have the chance to turn the tables till you are breathing. In this show, during the heist, everyone fought for their survival even when they reached their breaking points.

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