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Love is all about sex?

“Hey, let’s take it to the next level.”
I’ve seen many people uttering this phrase.

Today, a time has come that people think “Love is nothing but intercourse.”
It’s hard to believe that our minds have deteriorated to that extent.
It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone so berserk in quest of satisfaction that we don’t even know the difference between the right and wrong.

Yeah undoubtedly, everybody has an attraction towards their opposite sex. But today, some people just want a physical relationship.
They satisfy themselves and leave their partner within a fraction of the time. In simple words, it means ‘Use & throw.’

It’s shameful that we play with someone’s body in the name of love. It’s disgraceful that we make use of someone’s body just for our satisfaction.
Even the word ‘ruthless’ may fall short to describe this act.

For a moment, just think about the one you cheated.
For him/her it would be a severe shock.
They let you touch them because they thought you loved them but the poor ones are doomed as you just want intercourse.

While making them yours, you said “I’ll always be with you. Our bond will be immortal.”
You break all those promises.
You shatter the dreams they saw. Dreams? Promises? Guess what? You smash their heart too.

Love has never been about touch and will never be.
Love is about falling for one’s nature.
Love is about falling for the beauty of one’s soul.
The beauty of the word forever can’t be expressed in words.
It resembles immortal love of two souls attached to each other.

But unfortunately, our minds have deteriorated too much to understand the purity of love.
As unfortunate it may sound, the faith on love has vanished.

Amazing right?
We lay hands on one’s body and put the blame on love.”

This story is Scrawled by Keshav Chavan (Curator)
Find out some more amazing stories on his Instagram page.

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