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Just for once, be mine.

“And for once,
Just for once,
Don’t ask me any questions,
Don’t decide whether it’s right or wrong,
Don’t think where this moment would lead us,
Don’t get frightened by love,
Embrace me,
Lock me in your arms like you have never done before,
Pull me closer,
Wear my aroma,
Look straight into my eyes,
Grab me by waist,
Give me cold shivers,
Listen to my heavy breaths,
Brush the hair off my face,
And run your fingers through the same,
Push me against the wall,
Touch my earlobes,
Mumble some words,
Nibble on my neck,
And gently,
Very gently,
Taste my lips,
Let my heart skip a beat,
Let the time be freezed,
Let me bury my face under your chest,
Let my cheeks turn a bit more red,
Let me experience the utopia,
Love me,
Love me like I was meant for you,
Just for once,
Forget about everything and everyone,
May it be fake,
But tell me,
Tell me that,
I am a medicine for your heart ache..”
Scrawled by @sagrawal1612 👌🏻

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