6 Signs you are a Hopeless Romantic

The feeling of romantic love is unmatched. For some, the desire to have it is so strong that they’re compelled to create it in their minds and with people with whom it doesn’t exist. But not just any ordinary old love. The storybook-worthy version is much more alluring to a hopeless romantic. You might be one of them if you find yourself dreaming about grand declarations of adoration and a butterfly-inducing relationship that rivals your favorite fictional couple.

A hopeless romantic maintains a utopian, sentimental perspective on love regardless of negative past experiences or contrasting information. Against all odds, this person loves love and thinks of it as a blissful experience, even when it’s not. The term “hopeless” signifies their defiant willingness to hold this view no matter what contradicting circumstances arise.

Hopeless romantics don’t exactly walk around with a placard announcing themselves. Nor is there a literal shower of stardust or an orchestra playing when they walk in (much as they would love that!) But there are certain ways to identify a hopeless romantic, little character traits that give them away. So, here are a few signs to identify one, or even yourself as a hopeless romantic:

  1. You’re actually hopeful, not hopeless.

Contrary to their name, a hopeless romantic is not really hopeless. In fact, they truly believe that there is hope for even the most hopeless cynic. Everyone, according to a hopeless romantic, has the potential to find true happiness and love in the world.

If you’ve seen the movie Letters To Juliet, you’ll know what we mean. The characters go on a trip all the way across Italy to find an old love they thought was lost. And of course, they find him!

  • You believe that true love exists.

When you are a hopeless romantic, you tend to feel that true love exists and that your soulmate exists out there somewhere. You know that you both will cross paths at some point in life, and it will be a love story just like in the movies. You are quite the optimist, which is why, when a lot of people tend to look at the negative side of things, you do quite the opposite.

However, it doesn’t always mean that your expectations are unrealistic.

  • You fall for people fast and hard.

If you develop feelings in the beginning stages of all your relationships, chances are you’re drawn more to an idea than to your partner. It could be almost anyone on the other side of the equation; the results would be the same because it’s not about them. It’s about adding the missing piece to your predetermined puzzle.

When you idealize your significant other, you don’t see them as they are. You see them as you want them to be. Aside from ignoring red flags, you establish impractical expectations of a partner because you’re measuring them against the image in your mind.

  • You always find yourself daydreaming.

Even when you are not seeing someone, you always tend to daydream about your one true love. You do not pay heed to what others have to say because you believe that everyone is destined to find their true love no matter what.

The universe has something planned for you, and you cannot wait to find out when everything unfolds in order. You know that when you find your true love, it will be worth the wait.

  • You still believe in love, despite the many failed relationships.

When people go through bad breakups and have had their hearts completely shattered by the person they love, they tend to give up on the search for an ideal partner. They feel that love only brings them hurt and refrain from getting into new relationships.

But you are different; even though your last relationship failed you, you still believe that you might find the right partner from your next relationship.

  • Nothing else matters to you.

Hopeless romantics pursue their happily-ever-after with reckless abandon. They tend to invest everything into the person they’re dating to the point where they start to neglect their friends and even their own interests or hobbies.

You dedicate all of your time, energy, and effort to chasing an emotional high, so much so that you may also lose yourself along the way.

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