8 small things Girls want their Boyfriends to start doing

Dating is interesting. Whether it’s your first relationship or your fifth, there is always a lot of learning that will happen throughout the duration of the relationship. Eventually, both parties will probably develop expectations for their counterpart (if they didn’t already have them going into the relationship).

While no one can read minds, there are definitely times when girls wish that boys could. Girls are going to thoroughly enjoy the genuine thoughtfulness that their boyfriends show for them; just think, doing these actions will help the boys become more nurturing, and in return, more loveable, while the girls will ultimately feel like they mean something to their boyfriends and feel good. See, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Here are 8 small, yet highly valuable, things that girls want their boyfriends to do without having to tell them to:

  1. Send a sweet text for her to wake up to in the morning

Girls adore that! It invokes a feeling of comfort and confidence, and they might even start seeing you in a different light.

Send them a text after they fall asleep, expressing your love and their meaning in your life. Be genuine about it and don’t just copy paste words/quotes. You don’t have to do it to everyday, but once in a while, this is enough to make her heart flutter.

  • Give her a handwritten note

Any women who truly loves you, will appreciate effort more than anything else in the world. So, even if you hand a chit with an ‘I love you’ written on it, she will cherish it closely.

You don’t need a special occasion to give your woman a handwritten letter. You can write and give her one any time you feel like she needs that extra love or moral boost.

  • Hold the door open for her

This is one of the most chivalrous and gentlemanly things you can do for your woman. And trust me, it is truly endearing.

Even if you have to drop her hand and sprint around her to get to that door handle first, do it.

  • Show her the amount of PDA she wants

Not everyone is a huge fan of PDA (Public Display of Affection), while some may be. This is something you should discuss with your girlfriend and see what she is comfortable with.

If she’s not super into it, don’t kiss her neck on that park bench. If she’s into a little hand holding, take her hand. Don’t make her feel rejected but don’t make her feel uncomfortable either. She should feel like you’re proud of her and want the world to know.

  • Genuinely listen to her

When a girl talks to you about anything, she is not only giving you her time and energy, but also confiding in you about herself. And that isn’t an easy job for many.

So, when you find her talking to you – about herself, her day, her problems, etc., listen to her genuinely and not just for the sake of it. She chose you to talk to because she trusts you. Don’t let her down by turning a deaf ear or pretending to listen.

  • Give her space when needed

Be okay with her moments of solitude. There are some days where she might just not want to talk or be affectionate, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you anymore.

Sometimes, a woman needs a few moments to care and focus on herself without feeling the burden of constant communication, so that doesn’t mean her love is immediately retracted along with her words. Have patience and let her be by herself until she is ready to let you in again.

  • Surprise her randomly with gestures/gifts

Girls don’t expect grand gifts and gestures, but rather meaningful efforts that express your love towards them.

They enjoy random little gifts to know you are thinking about them. Nothing big, but a little note, a favorite candy bar, some flowers from the garden can go a long way.

  • Maintain physical touch

Any kind of physical contact is endearing. It makes you feel connected and loved. Maintain physical contact with your girlfriend by putting your hand on her leg, holding hands, playing with her hair, kissing her hands, etc.

Random hugs and massages are also a great way to make them feel special. Any physical affection without a lead to sexual interaction keeps them grounded and gives them comfort when needed.

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