What Disappoints Each Zodiac Sign

As humans, we must understand that disappointment is inevitable. And this disappointment often stems from expectations. We build up our expectations and then we place those standards on top of everyone and everything we come into contact with. And time and again, our expectations turn out to be too high for others to live up to, and so, we plummet into despair.

They say it’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it. We all have ways of confronting and coping with it. While disappointment is inevitable, it’s important for us to acknowledge it and learn to turn it into opportunities for growth.

So, what is it that disappoints us, and why? In astrology, what disappoints the zodiac signs all depends on their personality type and how they handle conflict. Because for the disappointed zodiac signs, their despair is something they can’t always deal with.


Aries tends to be impulsive and lets their passion rule their decision making. If they decide on you for friendship or any other commitment, they are hoping that it will be worth their while. If you don’t live up to that expectation of passion and excitement, they will be very disappointed and will try to find the nearest escape.


Missing out on events, like music or art, is disappointing to Taurus. This is a sign that loves to have fun, and if they are somehow shut out or unable to get to where the fun is, they take on the pain of disappointment.


Having to choose, and having to do so in a timely way, is the ultimate disappointment to a Gemini. They don’t want to know that there’s a choice resting on their shoulders, and they don’t want to be pressured to act on that choice. They wanted to do it on their own time, and having to lock in to a time makes them feel regretful for even getting involved.


Cancer loves love and is always on the hunt for the real thing. They seek it out and embrace whatever looks like it with open arms. Once something that once looked like true love reveals itself to be false, Cancer will be sorely disappointed and become disillusioned.


Leo thrives on attention, whether they realize it or not. They are so competitive about adoration that they will always seek to work hard to stay on top. Missing an opportunity to claim attention is a regret and a disappointment to a Leo.


Virgos are very critical and particular about their work and their image. Incompetence and work-related failures severely disappoint Virgos. They are often most critical of themselves, so if they fail at a particular achievement or goal, they will be disappointed with themselves.


Libras hold the symbol of the scales, and they seek balance, fairness, and equality. Because of this, they are always in a ruminative state over the decisions that they make. The idea of making an unequal and wrong decision heavily weighs upon them. Choosing the wrong decision after such weighing can be a disappointment to them.


Scorpios are highly intelligent and want to make sure that they aren’t double-crossed or misled. Due to this, they tend to desire to control situations and dominate relationships in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.  They get disappointed that life isn’t controllable, and so they are in constant search for control.


Sagittarius represents the sign of movement, travel, philosophy, and adventure. They thrive on new adventures and experiences. When they do not have the opportunity to learn, grow, and expand their horizons, they can become disappointed.


Capricorn is highly disappointed when their efforts do not lead to the success that they were looking for. Capricorns are very realistic and believe that hard work and dedication will result in success; however, when that does not happen, they become severely disappointed and often question their worth.


Aquarius tends to set themselves up for grand schemes that cannot be attained, and in doing so, they grow increasingly more disappointed by the day. They dream big, do very little to achieve, and wallow in disappointment and self-pity.


Pisces is a kind and selfless sign, but also a highly sensitive one. They strive to always be seen in the best light. They wants it all but is willing to do virtually nothing to get it. So, when results-time rolls around and they have nothing, they pout in disappointment.

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