How to start a conversation over text

Some people can talk in person without any issues, but when it comes to texting, they have difficulties. You’d think they could just transfer their talkative persona to their phone but for them, much of their ability to talk to someone easily comes from the energy and attitude of the other person. For them, starting a conversation can be really difficult. It’s even harder if you don’t really know the person all that well. What do you talk about? How do you actually continue the conversation? You can’t just start with a “hey” if you want it to go anywhere.

With a text, you’re going in blind. You don’t have body language to read, or a facial expression to work with. There is also a high possibility of misunderstanding one another over text. That’s why some people find it hard to text.

Sometimes we don’t know the best way to start a conversation and what to talk about. Thankfully, below are some text conversation starters that could help you get the ball rolling:

Send a meme

Memes are by far the best thing for getting a conversation started. It really only takes sending a single image to start talking. You can even send them memes that remind you of them.

The point is to start the conversation without even actually saying anything. Let them reply and go from there.

Ask a question about their hobbies

People love talking about stuff they enjoy. And if you know their hobbies, then you know what they enjoy. It doesn’t take much to get someone chatting about the stuff they do in their free time.

Ask them questions about it and what they like most. They’ll probably carry the conversation from there.

Jog their memory

If you know a little background info about the person, and you’ve spoken before, bring up something you remember from your last conversation to show you were actively listening, like a band or movie you both like. It’s a great way to pick up right where you left off.

By reminding them of your last interaction, you’re expressing your interest while also piquing theirs. For example, if you recently talked about your shared love of sci-fi films or indie music, you can send them a relevant movie or song suggestion.

Say something sweet

If you’re texting someone for the first time, mention something that made you laugh or made you think of them. A genuinely sweet thought is never bad, and even if the relationship doesn’t progress, your text has the potential to brighten their day.

Try sending a message that will both flatter them and get them to talk.

Ask about their day

This is better than “hey” for sure, and it’s more than “how are you”, which makes it a great text conversation starter. Hopefully they’ll say that their high point was you texting them but even if you don’t get that reply, you’ll get a longer conversation out of it at least.

Don’t probe too much if they don’t seem to be giving out enough. Know to read signs and keep the conversation light.

Ask about their plans

Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, ask them what they have planned. It’s innocent enough but the fact you’re asking shows that you’re not only interested but possibly going to suggest something you could do together.

It’s also not a closed question, which means they have to give you more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and you can take it ahead from there.

Talk about anything in common

It’s always a great way to open a conversation with anything in common. It can be books, movies, series or music.

Moreover, if you do have somebody in common, that’s a potential bonding point too. And if the mutual friend isn’t in the group chat, you can share any embarrassing stories (without disrespecting your absent friend of course).

Be straightforward

Bring up the elephant in the room. Expressing that you feel nervous or uncomfortable over chat can be a great icebreaker. Being self-effacing may make them feel more comfortable too.

Being vulnerable can actually make people feel more trusting towards you, because it shows you’re willing to let your guard down a little. So go ahead, get that conversation started.

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