Perks of being an Extrovert

Extroverts don’t always have the best reputation. Often seen as the “domineering” personality type, they may come across more abrasive than their quieter counterparts. But just as introverts feel misunderstood, extroverts can just as equally be subject to incorrect stereotypes.

“Extroversion” is a term first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung as a personality trait, where an individual puts his energy outwards to seek stimulus from being outgoing and social, seeking excitement from outside environment and taking risk during activities

While there’s nothing wrong with being shy and reserved, there’s no denying that an outgoing personality will take you far in life. Here are a few perks of being an extrovert in life:

  1. They’re more expressive.

Among other types of personality, an extrovert can express his feelings easily compared with introverts, which means that they can let their heart out with anybody. This expressive nature can be a huge advantage for them as it can help them become relaxed and feel good.

Moreover, this enables them to get more good friends, though it can also create more haters.

  • They’re great at socializing.

It goes without saying that extroverts are greatly known for their social skills. They comparatively have a huge friend circle that comes with a lot of advantages.

Being a great socializer allows them to be known and doesn’t make them a stranger among most people. Due to this, many people approach them if they need assistance on anything, and vice versa.

  • They’re happier and healthier than most people.

According to research, when participants act more extroverted, they feel happier. Interestingly, researchers also found that outgoing behavior may promote well-being.

There’s a direct link between being social and positive affect –a person’s inclination to experience positive emotions and interact with others in a more positive way.

  • They’re rarely bored.

Extroverts draw energy from other people and surroundings. This makes it likely that their weeknights and weekends are stacked with plans or activities that allow them to get that instant experience high.

‘Boring’ is simply not in their vocabulary, because they’ll somehow, anyhow, find something to do.

  • They handle stressful situations better.

Outgoing people are more optimistic by nature. As a result, they cope with challenges in a healthier, more productive way.

When something stressful or unexpected happens, extroverted people don’t immediately go to the worst-case scenario in their minds. They stay calm, think about possible solutions and believe that everything will work out.

  • They’re good team players.

Extroverts make the team a family and everyone feels motivated by their action and cheerfulness and focuses on growing each other instead of just minding their own business. Their social skills help them work better in groups.

They are a great help in forming a great team and bring out their full potential for accomplishing the given task.

  • They possess a high emotional intelligence.

Extroverts are skilled when it comes to verbal and nonverbal communication, which makes them adept at reading others and responding to their emotional needs.

People with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are able to connect on a deep and meaningful level with others and as a result, enjoy fulfilling relationships.

  • They’re confident.

Extroverts have a high level of confidence since they see things positively and learn new things fairly quickly.

They take up any challenge given to them and try to deal with it, which sometimes may get them into trouble but on the plus side, they gain a lot of experience which again boosts their confidence level.

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