Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

Having a good friend is the best gift life can throw at you-there is no doubt in that. And every girl needs her gal pals for lonely nights after break ups, club expeditions, and ice cream dates — but where would they be without their guy friends?

Every girl truly needs that one boy best friend around whom she can be herself. Though most of us assume that having a boyfriend is enough, the truth is that boy best friends don’t expect you to beat your best behavior — the pressure to impress one another is off, and that’s a freeing experience.

From relationship advice to outfit tips, here are some reasons why all girls need a guy BFF:

  1. He can explain boys to you.

How many times have you wondered what kind of text message to send to the guy you like? How many times have you tried to interpret some dude’s mixed signals but you haven’t had anyone to help you out? Well, when you are friends with a guy, your tortures come to an end because he is the one who gives you a fresh perspective on the way all other guys think.

When you have a guy friend, you can finally take a look at the world from a male’s point of view and that is something every woman wants. He can help you with winning a guy over, with reading through all the mixed signals you are getting and with handling all of your relationship drama.

  • There is no drama at all.

Having a guy best friend will keep you away from any kind of drama. There will be no jealousy. Your fights will end in just ten minutes, because keeping a grudge just doesn’t exist.

He’ll always tell you what’s bothering him about your behavior and when you two have a disagreement, you’ll resolve it quickly without any unnecessary drama. Your BFF will make sure that you get the best of everything and will do everything possible to bring a smile to your face.

  • He’ll give you the best advice about your crush/boyfriend.

He understands how a man’s mind functions, he knows the tricks of the trade and can read the intention of another in and out. Be prepared to get the raw critic over this guy you have fallen head over heels for.

No matter what you do, where you stand or how you go about you, your guy best friend will always be supportive and protective of you. He is the last person to let you make stupid decisions about boys, he will give you the best possible relationship advice you can ask for.

  • He’ll protect and care for you.

It’s in a man’s nature to protect a woman he deeply cares about. Hence, a male best friend will always protect you and support you. He’ll always have your back and you’ll have his support no matter what. This guy will not back out on you when things get rough.

He is the best person to take care of you when you get your heart broken and you’ll always have someone to lift your spirit up whenever you’re feeling down.

  • He’ll be brutally honest with you.

Unlike girls, he knows little diplomacy. What he thinks is what he says. Be it the advice you get, the honesty about a topic you’ve been anxious about, or just that one feedback you needed. He is the person who’ll tell you the harsh truth, no matter how painful it can be.

He’ll always be frank with you and will never sweet talk you into something just because he is afraid you’ll get your feelings hurt. Of course, he doesn’t want to hurt you but he knows that you need a reality check from time to time.

  • He’ll be your partner-in-crime.

Every time you want to sneak out of your home, get drunk or do something crazy, he’ll always be there with you, playing the fool and going bonkers! He’ll be your partner-in-crime and go-to person for any crazy idea you come up with.

Guy best friends give you the bandwidth to go out of your way and do something really crazy while you know someone has your back. It is double the fun and you have a story for a lifetime, he is built to be the perfect partner in crime.

  • You can easily rely on him.

Your guy best friend is a person you can count on, no matter the circumstances. Whether you need help with some work or you just need someone to comfort you and to be your shoulder to cry on, he’ll always be there for you.

This is a person you can call in the middle of the night and expect him to show up. If you two are really best friends, he’ll never be too busy to hear you out and to offer you his advice. This guy will never think that your problems are foolish and he will even help you out with things guys usually find boring.

  • He’ll never judge you.

Be your worst self possible, and they will still not judge you. You will always have a friend by your side irrespective of how you behave or how bad you look.

You can be as crazy, as serious, or as notorious as you are in front of him and he won’t change a bit of it. He encourages you to be the best version of yourself. You never have to wonder what he will think of it, that is the beauty because he too is just himself in front of you!

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