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Love who care for you, not the ones who ignore you

“There’s something we need to think about.
Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when the word ‘love’ arises.

What’s your call?
‘Boyfriend/ Girlfriend’ am I right?
Yeah, ultimately everyone amongst us mostly ends up thinking here. Or maybe husband/wife.

But we often forget the first love, it’s not for the first time your eyes met with someone. It’s about first tears that dropped from eyes seeing you in this wonderful world.
Let me tell you, this world is full of wonders and we often forget the ones who make them happen.

Your parents, only people in this world who cried when you were born.
The first pair of eyes that cried when you started crawling. Who used to get so mad when your lips started uttering words. Who would often call you more than 4 times to check whether you are getting home for lunch and making sure you are returning home on time.

The only reason they ask so much and shout too much on you is nothing else but care. They care for you more than anyone ever could. But unfortunately, you end up hating them, judging them. Yes, you call them ‘orthodox’. You label them ‘questioning machine’. But they leave a smile behind your anger.

Even if you argue with them, have a fight of thoughts. At the end, they’ll make sure you eat well and sleep properly.
They sacrificed their dreams for you to live your dream. They start doing so much only after you planning to begin. They’ve already invested so much in you, investing would be a small word for their love. Smallest to say. But all we gift them is hate, ignorance and a cherry on cake ‘attitude’.

True friendship, I guess this is discussed more than lived. You don’t even remember the one who shared his tiffin the days you forgot yours at home. The one who sacrificed his favorite match on tv for your project. The one who worked very hard campaigning for you to be a team leader. The one who shared his crayons and caramels when you forgot your schedule.

And now, you don’t have him on your schedule. The one who used to cancel all the important meetings and projects when you were in trouble is now nowhere near your scheduled last appointment.

We are bounded by this
the typical mentality that love can be done only with someone of your age and another gender who gifts you flowers and calls you at late nights on birthdays and celebrating anniversaries.

But these people for whom we have a loving corner in heart, ignore us on times when we need utmost help. And at the time, days when it’s all dark and dim our parents and true friends are beside us. But we’d still won’t cherish their love, misguided by the other love.

I hope, someday your call of love would be true hearts and not fake cards.”

This story is Scrawled by Hitanshi Varandani Captioned by Raj Shah (@randomscribbler)

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