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Her happiness is more important for me.

“People say it is foolish of me to love her in spite of knowing that she can’t be mine. You say such irrelevant things because you haven’t known what love truly is. I’m proud of myself because I’m not like those who change their soulmates in a month or two. ⠀
One sided love is beautiful in its own way. There is no doubt that it hurts but it is the purest. The most beautiful thing in one-sided love is that one can never hate. In spite of the sorrows, we suffer our love for that ‘one person’ can never fade. One sided love is the only form of love in which the word ‘hate’ can never exist. Isn’t that beautiful?

People jeer at me because I’m a one-sided lover but I never feel bad. Yeah my dreams shattered, my heart broke but love was the best thing that ever happened to me. She is not with me and to be honest it really doesn’t matter. Because my every sorrow vanishes with just one glimpse of her face.

In love, it’s not necessary that the one you love will be with you. I’m really fortunate to experience the magic of true love. Yeah, it’s true that she can never be mine. But all I wished for is just her happiness. And if she loves someone else, it’s not her fault. Everyone has their own right to choose their life partner and maybe I wasn’t hers. I hope she finds someone who would love her more than I could.”

This story is Scrawled by Keshav Chavan (Curator)

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