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Why can’t we marry with someone we want?

“Humans, we’ve been always keen towards the law of attraction. What we like is what we do. And what we don’t, is what we won’t. If you’re good at something, you’d be definitely interested in doing that and with that thing.

Then why not marriage?
Why are we not liberal enough to let anyone marry someone whom he/she might find love and with someone who’d always keep him/her happy. Why can’t we?
We ourselves label, marriage as a societal bond.

A bond for not only this life but life after life and 7 births to count. Why are we not good enough to allow someone married to his/her choice? Why do we always refrain from accepting the fact that a person cannot be forced to be happy?

You cannot force someone to love. You cannot force them to smile. Maybe, they’ll fake a smile for once or twice. But what after that? What about their dreams and their future plans?

When will this hypocrisy end? When we’ll allow a good marriage by heart and not by budget? When will we be happily married to freedom?”

This story is scrawled by Ishana Insha and Curated and Captioned by Raj Shah (@randomscribbler)

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